Reconditioned pallets are an excellent choice for businesses looking for minimal cost but maximum quality. With the widespread use of wooden pallets worldwide, their ability to be easily reconditioned and reused provides a sustainable pallet solution with benefits for both customers and businesses.

What are reconditioned pallets?

A reconditioned pallet is simply a broken or damaged wooden pallet that has been repaired. Once repaired these pallets can be resold, keeping them in the pallet network. There are many ways in which a pallet might need repairing, for example:

  • Replacing missing or damaged board and nails
  • Strengthening weak materials
  • Strengthening loose materials
  • Straightening twisted pallets
  • Ensuring there are no materials protruding
  • Certifying that the pallet is safe for reuse

The ability for wooden pallets to be easily reconditioned several times throughout their life makes them a favourable option for many reasons.

Benefits of choosing reconditioned pallets

Reconditioned pallets save money

Naturally, a pallet that has been reconditioned will come at a lower cost than pallets being bought new. This makes them the perfect option for customers looking to minimise cost on material handling and inventory. From a business perspective, it also costs much less to repair a wooden pallet than to constantly produce new ones.

Reconditioned pallets are saving the environment!

With the ongoing climate crisis, it is important to consider ways of reducing our impact on the environment. By choosing reconditioned pallets, you’re not only saving trees which would have been cut down and turned into new pallets, but you are also saving on the energy generated to build the pallet. As a business, choosing recondition pallets prevents them from otherwise ending up in an overloaded landfill, a major help to the environment!

Reconditioned pallets can comply with ISPM-15 requirements

When wooden pallets are being exported, they must meet ISPM-15 requirements. For pallets that are repaired and reused, as long as they are re-treated with the required heat treatment and re-marked with the ISPM-15 stamp, are suitable for export.

Reconditioned pallets are safe

Recycled pallet material is generally drier than new wood, creating durability almost matching that of a new pallet. Additionally, a damaged wooden pallet is a huge safety hazard. Loaded pallets can fall due to loose boards or protruding material can cause damage to the surrounding environment. Choosing to have these pallets reconditioned ensures the safety of both employees and the working environment.

Reconditioned pallets are versatile

Like new wooden pallets, reconditioned pallets are available in a variety of sizes. This means you can enjoy the benefits of reconditioned pallets no matter what your specific requirements are.


Of course, all pallets will eventually run their course. When this time comes, there are a number of different ways they can be recycled. At PR Pallets we have zero waste policies and recycling practices in place which ensure that all parts of your used pallet will be used in some way. In instances where a pallet is no longer repairable, we will use the material for woodchip.

So don’t let a few broken or loose boards encourage you to discard of your pallet. Repairing and reusing wooden pallets is, therefore, a smart choice in terms of cost and reducing timber wastage. Get in contact to arrange a collection for your used pallets and we will ensure your pallets are made the most of!






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