6 Benefits of Choosing Reconditioned Pallets

With wood recycling targets set for 30% by 2030, taking advantage of reconditioned pallets has never been more important. As the main form of wood packaging waste, reducing the number of wooden pallets ending up in landfill is extremely important. But even from a business point of view, choosing recycled pallets over new pallets is extremely cost-effective, offering businesses an excellent opportunity to save on packaging costs.

What are reconditioned pallets?

Reconditioned pallets are simply those that were broken or damaged and have since been repaired and returned into the pallet chain. These pallets are obtained through pallet recycling initiatives, and 95% of pallets recovered globally are repurposed into usable materials. Choosing to do this prevents the pallet from ending up in landfill, and instead ensures the full potential of the pallet is used. There are a number of reasons as to why a pallet may need repairing, for example:

  • Replacing missing or damaged board and nails
  • Strengthening weak materials
  • Strengthening loose materials
  • Straightening twisted pallets
  • Ensuring there are no materials protruding
  • Certifying that the pallet is safe for reuse

The ability for wooden pallets to be easily reconditioned several times throughout their life makes them a favourable option for many reasons.

Benefits of choosing reconditioned pallets

Reconditioned pallets save money

The most obvious advantage of choosing a reconditioned pallet is the fact they will be far more cost-effective than choosing a new pallet. For businesses looking to minimise costs on material handling and inventory therefore, it’s a no brainer. Even from the manufacturing side, it is more cost-effective to repair damaged pallets rather when compared to producing new ones.

Reconditioned pallets are good for the planet

We all want to do our bit for the environment, so committing to practices which reduce our impact is always a winning move. Wooden pallets have to be made out of something, and that something is, of course, trees. So choosing pallets which have been repaired is a great way to reduce the number of trees which are being cut down as well as save on energy which would otherwise have been generated to build the pallet.

Reconditioned pallets can comply with ISPM-15 requirements

When wooden pallets are being exported, they must meet ISPM-15 requirements. For pallets that are repaired and reused, as long as they are re-treated with the required heat treatment and re-marked with the ISPM-15 stamp, are suitable for export.

Reconditioned pallets are safe

Recycled pallet wood is actually drier than new pallet wood, which creates durability which almost matches that of a brand new pallet. Thus you can be confident that your reconditioned pallet is fit for carrying heavy loads. It is also incredibly hazardous to have damaged pallets lying around, with the potential for your loaded goods to fall due to loose boards, or for injuries to occurs from protruding materials. Thus, choosing to have these pallets reconditioned ensures the safety of both employees and the working environment.

Reconditioned pallets are versatile

Like new wooden pallets, repaired pallets are available in a variety of sizes. This means you can enjoy the benefits of a recycled pallet no matter what your specific requirements are.

Reconditioned pallets are durable

There’s a common misconception that recycled pallets are not as durable as their brand new counterparts. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure, they might not look as pretty, but they are totally dependable having been restored to their former sturdy state.

There will obviously come a time in a pallets life where it has had its day and it’s no longer repairable. But this still doesn’t mean it has to end up in a landfill site. Our own zero-waste policies mean that we still find a use for end-of-life pallets, with our preferred recycling option to use the material for woodchip!

So don’t let a few broken or loose boards encourage you to discard of your pallet. Repairing and reusing wooden pallets is a smart choice in terms of cost and reducing timber wastage. Get in contact to arrange a collection for your used pallets and we will ensure your pallets are made the most of!

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